NorthEuropeTravel.com is owned and managed by Bodia Travel Ltd., a travel agency authorised by the Icelandic Tourist Board with ID. 6507070520. We have a passion for travelling to new places and experience new adventures. We hope to combine this passion with yours and provide you an unforgettable experience to the north.


Danith Chan
Asia Manager

Danith Chan, the Asia Manager of Bodia Travel Ltd., has lived most of her life in Iceland and has a background in business and law. She is one of the founders of the company and loves to travel. She has experience in advising and guiding foreigners in Iceland and started off by showing Iceland to family and friends from Europe, Asia and the US.


Winnie Wong
Travel Expert - Europe

Winnie is our representative for UK and US. Winnie is also our expert for Asia relations. She is located in London UK and takes care of our affairs on world wide markets for incoming tourists. She know Iceland very well. Her relationships are valuable for our team as her experience in the tourism industry and service.


Svavar Jonsson
Head of Guides and Quality Control - Tourist Guide Expert

Svavar Jonsson has many years of experience as a guide. Svavar is a historian and has served both English and German speaking visitors and other for years. His expertise in history and geology of Iceland works like a hidden jewelry in his serious mind. He is a teacher of passion and supports our guides to serve with care and quality to give our clients the best experience in Iceland.


Oskar Sigurdsson

Oskar Sigurdsson is a voyager and the CEO of Bodia Travel Ltd. He is also responsible for the technical and integration. He is an Icelander and used to work in the highlands and therefore knows the Icelandic rivers, mountain roads and hidden secrets of Iceland.

We offer both high quality tours, transport and tailored tours in northern Europe and at the same time also standardized tours. Our main destinations are Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands. We offer wide range of quality services for travelers from all around the world, from standard guided tours to private tailored tours. Due to the location of Iceland, we also offer flights from Iceland to Greenland and Faroe Islands.

 We can also help you plan a trip to visit the locals from farmers using geothermal energy, viking horse breeders to local musicians, artists, visit to local hobby associations and local producers.

We also organize special events for companies, incentives, meetings with local organizations, private companies, visits for educational purposes or meetings with professionals. We aim to combine such needs but at the same time also show the beauties of the countries we work in, enjoy and adore.