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The North Nature Theater have mini plays on the internet stage once and a while for its audience world wide. We hope you like to return for more as we aim to tell stories and bring it to live. We love to tell short stories and bring it to you. Our aim is to bring this in a form that is well known, beloved and respected. Our small theater have few actors and actresses that hope to bring you closer to us, the nature and wildlife.

We aim to write and tell short stories from the nature, about the nature and inform how we love the nature and would like to protect it but still take care of you, your family and friends that like to enjoy it, feel it, see it and show it to others.

If you would like to share something with us and our audience please do not hesitate to send us something you got, text, photos, videos and tell us about your experience, your dreams and hopes. We will try to bring it onto our stage for you as all others.

The North Nature Theater aims to give you love, hope, dreams and insight into our lovely nature

Show me the landscape

Kirkjufell's rising sun.

Show me the landscape was a title of one message. We love to get those nice e-mails and Skype calls to ask about our wonderful landscape where we live close by and enjoy every single day of our live. To bring this forward in a short play we add into our “mini-theater” here in our […]