Asia To Iceland: The Easy Way

The Schengen Visa is Asia’s super pass to traveling through Northern Europe. This short stay visa (max 90 days) lets travelers cross borders between member states with ease. There are twenty-six member states in the Schengen Area including the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

Save time with a Schengen Visa!

Since there are no direct flights from Asia to Iceland, most Asian travelers need to book their flight plan with care and precision. There are various stop-over locations to consider, and the Schengen member countries highlighted above are highly recommended for convenience.

Secure Your Schengen Visa For Iceland Travel

The process for a Schengen Visa is similar to other Visas. First, travelers must complete an application form and attach two recent passport-style photos.

Travelers must provide valid travel documents (Passport and other required Identification), along with round-trip travel itinerary, travel insurance, and proof of accommodation & income.

The Schengen Visa application has to be submitted to a country where the travelers stay the longest. In most Asian countries the Danish Royal embassy represents the Icelandic authority for Visa affairs.

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