Icelandic Viking Horses

One of the friendliest animals here in Iceland is the Icelandic horses. They are also considered as a special breed of horse. Pony sized, strong and easy going in character, these horses have been friends of the Icelandic people through centuries. This special breed is also referred to as the Viking horses. It is also quite common for families to own horses. During the autumn season, farmers would ride on these horses up to the mountains to fetch the sheep before the cold winter hits in. History has it that these horses came with the Vikings from the Nordic countries around the 9th to 10th century. Lovers of the Nordic mythology will surely know that one of the Norse Gods, Odin had a gray coloured eight legged horse named Sleipnir on which he took with him on his ride to Valhalla.

Icelandic Viking Horses – Interesting websites:

International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations (FEIF)
The Icelandic Horse Magazine for true fans of the Icelandic horses.

Upcoming events:

The National Icelandic Horse Competition to be held on the 27th June to 3rd of July in Hóla í Hjaltadal (North of Iceland and approximately 312km from Reykjavik) is the largest outdoor sporting event in Iceland showcasing Iceland’s best horses and riders. A horse competition both for professionals, fans and families.

Our horse riding tours:

For a personal experience on one of these Viking horses, try a combination of the Golden Circle and Horse Riding on Viking Horses or our Horse Riding and Blue Lagoon for an unforgettable memory.

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