Show me the landscape

Kirkjufell's rising sun.

Show me the landscape was a title of one message. We love to get those nice e-mails and Skype calls to ask about our wonderful landscape where we live close by and enjoy every single day of our live. To bring this forward in a short play we add into our “mini-theater” here in our blog. Our stage is not large but direct to our nature and its beauty. We hope you like this and start to enjoy it.

Our “mini-pays” will go around and take a look. We will try to show you and feel what we feel over here. Then we surely hope you will visit one day, then after that another day and even more often. You will learn to love it. We might be small but we have big hearts. We love to let you see something spectacular, something rare and sensitive that you will respect, care about and enjoy. We would like you to to tell this story when you are back home to your family and friends. Our most important thing is to take care of you and we take your well being very seriously during your visit. Our aim it to strengthen your spirit and bring you back to you home with more happiness in your heart.

Show me the landscape – This spectacular landscape

She: This is a spectacular landscape. Where can I see such a landscape? (The girl sounds interested)

He: You? (Surprised)

She: Yes, me. I’m asking you right now. (Looks up rolling here eyes)

He: Surely somewhere in the mid Atlantic, up north. (Down to earth)

She: Oh. Thanks but where exactly? (Excited)

He: I expect your are asking about if you want to visit. Am I right? (Helpful)

She: Yes you are. Please answer me now. (Softly demanding and curious)

He: You can visit Iceland, Greenland or Faroe Islands. (Sounds fresh and friendly)

She: Thanks, but where is this photo taken? (She really wants to know. Stands up and turn the seat to be more comfy)

He: This is a mountain in west Iceland. (Likes to talk to her)

She: What is the name of this wonderful mountain? (She wants not only to know that)

He: Its Kirkjufell or if I translate it for you the name is Churchmountain. (Trying to be informative)

She: Can you tell me where I can go to see it? (She wants to get there)

He: Yes, I can. You can ask North Europe Travel to arrange your trip to Iceland where you can drive to Grundarfjörður town. (Answers like a educated man)

She: Thanks ! Show me the landscape then. (She wants more – Stands up and look out the window)

He: I will do so. You are always welcome. 🙂 (Warm reply)

She: You got a wonderful smile. (She can see it through)

– Curtains down –



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